About Us

My name is Cody Osborn and I am the owner and founder of Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters. Coffee had an early presence in my life as I began sneaking small sips of my parents’ classic canned coffee before I ever reached the age of 8. Even though I only had access to coffee that was drowned with cream and thickened with sugar, I knew one thing was for sure; I loved the way that coffee made me feel.

My interest in coffee, particularly fresh roasted specialty coffee, started to expand exponentially while living in Lawrence and attending the University of Kansas. I discovered a small coffee shop while walking around downtown one day and decided to stop in for what I thought was going to be an average cup of coffee, but was I ever mistaken. The complex flavors, the body, the aroma, and the freshness that lingered in my mug all led me to believe that I had just rediscovered coffee all over again. From that day forward, I have continually been searching and striving for a “better” cup of that beloved brown water.

This quest for a “better cup” is my inspiration to find, roast, brew and share the best cup of coffee possible and it is exactly why I created Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters. My curiosity, understanding, love and appreciation for coffee, from the farm to the cup, all continue to progress and evolve with each new day.